The Ultimate Outdoor Apple Cider Bar

October is the perfect time in Indiana to host an outdoor party for family and friends using these easy and fun ways to celebrate Autumn!

The Ultimate Outdoor Cider Bar & Donut Station:
This a great and affordable way to celebrate Autumn with the best and most delicious orchard apples & cider!

Cozy Up:
Stack up cozy autumn blankets for guests and place close to the cider bar so guests can grab one and warm up with their cider and donuts!

Use these Autumn inspired, affordable and easy home decor ideas to decorate your outdoor area and cider bar this October!

Creating the Ultimate Tailgate Experience

If you’ve never hosted a tailgate this year is the perfect time to do it! We have tips for hosting a tailgate that your friends and family will love while cheering on your favorite team!

Easy Mess Free Tailgate Grub– The best thing about tailgate food is you get to graze and eat outside! Check out these easy, mess free ways to serve your tailgate snacks and grub!

Tailgate Decor– Thinking of your tailgate as an outdoor party is a fun way to plan for decor and set up! Use these few ideas to bring team cheer and a touch of autumn  to your tailgate!

Say It Like You Mean It– Food labels, drink containers and other touches make a tailgate personal and memorable! Be sure to incorporate a few of these tricks to your next tailgate this Fall! 

Survival Guide for College Drop Off!

Having your kiddo head off to college can be stressful and emotional for the entire family! Here are some tips to make the transition easier for everyone!

  1. Have a Plan & Be Prepared- most colleges and universities have apps that give updated information about move in day, traffic patterns and what to expect when you arrive on campus. Make sure you download the app and check it for updates! 
  2. “Must Haves” For A New College Student- Dorm life is a change for your kiddo! Make sure you have these items checked off your list to help your college student be ready for their new dorm life!
  3. “Tips for The Goodbye”- Most definitely the hardest moment for us parents. Leaving your kiddo and saying goodbye. Here are so ways to keep it positive and memorable! Pre-write a letter to leave behind on their dorm bed. Keep it upbeat and affirming! Take a family pic/ and or pic of the family pet to place on their bulletin board or dorm desk. No lingering. Decide a time and do a quick hug and GO! This is hardest on the parents, but easiest on your college kiddo!

Easter Inspired Trends for Spring

Textured Trends- These top trends are an easy and affordable way to incorporate color and variety to your Easter! Glass eggs, spring branches and topiary bunnies are the perfect trends to set a Spring Inspired Easter Tablescape! 

Hoppy Easter Dessert Bar- These color inspired Easter treats are quick and easy to make and will be a family favorite and look beautiful on your Easter Table!

Rejoice with Heirlooms- Incorporate family heirlooms and meaningful memories to your Easter table! Using small family treasures on your table make it special and a great way to bring past, present and future together! 

One Minute Holiday Wrapping Hacks To Help Make Your Christmas Merry & Bright

The Holiday Countdown in on and we’ve got essential and easy tips for making your wrapping creative and easy! It’s in the bag…literally! Save time this holiday season with these stress free wrapping ideas! Handmade felt bags, custom baskets and small bags are all the top tends for this Christmas. Redefine wrapping by using creative containers and the gift itself as part of the wrapping! Finally, a little less holiday hustle & bustle makes for time to jingle & mingle! DIY is the way to go this year especially with COVID. Try making a heartfelt gift or wrap for each other!


September… The kickoff season to all things good…Autumn! This time of year inspires me to try everything we’ve ever wanted to try to do, but never found the time in the past. Whether it be picking apples from an orchard, baking a fresh apple pie, planting mums or starting a new DIY project – Autumn inspires us! Check out your local orchards and support them if you can. Many are hosting Fall Festivals (reservations may be required). It is the perfect way to get your family outside and enjoy the autumn weather while supporting local!

Tips for Creating The Ultimate College Care Package

Having a child go off to college is a huge adjustment for both them and you as their parent! No matter how close or far they go, sending a care package can help them get settled in their dorm is the perfect way to remind them of home! Let’s face it, It’s also good therapy for mom and dad!

Make A Plan-plan ahead for mailing care packages based on holidays and college schedule. If your kiddo is at college over Labor Day weekend this will be the perfect time to get a care package there! Mark your calendar and send the next one by Halloween, week leading up to Thanksgiving break.

Make it personal– including gift cards is always a good idea and something they will most definitely use at college! Include a picture of the family dog or pet and an upbeat note from you and or siblings!

Favorite Things-next time you’re at the grocery store grab their favorite snacks to include in the care package! Also, by now they have figured out what they might be needing and don’t have for college. Grab an extra one or two of the specific things and Include them in the care package!

Make it personal– including gift cards is always a good idea and something they will most definitely use at college! Include a picture of the family dog or pet and an upbeat note from you and or siblings!

NEW RELEASE! Life’s Little GuideBook: Tips For Leading A Meaningful Life

Have you ever wished that you had a guidebook to hand your teenagers on “life lessons?” A roadmap of sorts to help them discern and navigate this crazy world? Life’s Little GuideBook: Tips for Leading a Meaningful Life is just that book. It is compiled of short and sweet tips, advice and quotes to help you lead your teens and young adults through tough conversations about growing up. With a faith based perspective, Life’s Little GuideBook is meant to inspire the reader to make good decisions in order to help grow as a person of integrity.

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