Balancing Act

The balancing act of motherhood is a constant effort to make it all work. Sometimes I visualize myself spinning five plates (okay maybe ten) all at one time. Sometimes one plate slows down a bit while I am attempting to spin another one faster. Sure enough, somehow the multi-tasking and on the job training as a mom enables me to jump over and spin the wobbly plate before it falls. And such is the balance of all things in the world of motherhood. No one ever said all the plates had to spin at the same rate at the same time. Just keeping them all going and not falling is sometimes (okay, most of the time) an accomplishment! One of the plates that we, as moms, need to make sure we constantly spin is taking care of ourselves (okay, you can stop laughing now). In all seriousness, I actually have to remind myself to carve out time to not only stay well, but be well in general. At the beginning of motherhood I assumed that I would have to do this, but separately from my kids. What I have learned over the last decade, that like life, motherhood is ever changing. So rather than throw up my hands and surrender to the madness, I must adapt and incorporate into the daily chaos. With that realization comes a lot of freedom and excitement to create your own plan of wellbeing while balancing being a mom and spinning all of those plates!

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