Spring To Do List

Springtime always makes me reflect on just about every aspect of my life. Something about everything coming to life again makes me pause, feel inspired and reflect. “Spring cleaning of my soul” is what I started to say a few years ago. I would be cleaning out a drawer, cleaning my fridge or digging through stuff at the bottom of a closet in the attempt to get some order to our house heading into spring. I learned spring cleaning from my grandmother. She believed in a deep and thorough spring cleaning scrubbing baseboards, dusting blinds, wiping out anything and everything in sight. Lemon, water, vinegar and baking soda. She used all items to make her own cleaning products and added some major elbow grease to clean her house from top to bottom every spring. I learned from the best.

A few years ago I started to feel unsatisfied with my relentless cleaning frenzy. I marched around mumbling to myself… “I should be spring cleaning my soul.” I longed for deep silence and not being busy. I longed for reflection and self assessment. I wanted to put the “elbow grease” into my own soul rather into just vacuuming out my car.

A few years back I began to add myself to my “spring to do list.”

I pray.

I walk.

I read.

I write.

I don’t feel guilty anymore. Instead, I feel like I’m coming to life again.
I realized this spring I wanted to put some “elbow grease” in being more gracious. I feel like I try to be gracious, but I wanted and longed to have a deep graciousness the kind that feels strong and still when chaos hits.

I’ve been lucky enough to meet Meryl Streep twice during my life. Each time she exuded a deep sense of graciousness. She was the center of attention, but managed to share an energy of peace, kindness and graciousness. I suppose she’s learned how to navigate the public chaos that follows her in certain arenas. To me, as an observer, it seemed deeply rooted and totally authentic. I watched it and decided I wanted that in my life. I wanted to be deeply rooted in graciousness no matter the daily chaos that pops up as a mom. I’ve learned it’s a choice. A choice on how you draw and deepen it as well. How you spend your time, who you spend your time with and how often you count your blessings. I firmly believe that a deep graciousness comes from a grateful heart. A grateful heart gives you a strong sense of self. So this spring, add yourself to your own “spring to do list” and put a little “elbow grease” into yourself and what helps make you stronger.

xoxo- Mary Susan

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