Got Jellybeans?


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Creative and fun Easter ideas using Jellybeans that will make your family “hop” with delight.

1. Jelly Bean Carrot Sticks! These are ADORABLE and a fun edition to kiddo’s of all ages Easter Baskets. Take a disposable icing bag and fill it with orange jellybeans leaving about 3 inches unfilled at the top. Cut 2 or 3 small squares of green colored tissue paper. Place them in the top portion of your icing bag and secure with a twist tie and ribbon. This is one carrot you won’t have to beg your family to munch on!

2. Edible Easter Jewelry. This idea takes candy necklaces to the next level! Have your kiddos make bracelets or necklaces out of jellybeans. All you need is a needle elastic thread and jellybeans of course!

3. Jellybean Maracas! This is a fantastic idea for the babies and toddlers in your life. Fill a plastic Easter egg with Jellybeans. Be sure to TAPE IT SHUT! Turn on some lively music and teach your kiddos how to shake it to the music! Instant fiesta!

4. Jellybean Easter Treats! Here is one of my favorite ideas to use jellybeans to make your Easter baking extra sweet! Use them to decorate egg shaped sugar cookies. Fashion your cookie dough into an egg shape (or any shape you want!) Bake as directed and let cool. Frost with icing and let your kiddo’s creativity flow by decorating her edible Easter egg!

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