Unique, Fun and Helpful Teacher Gifts

The end of the school year is almost here. This is a great time to celebrate and thank your kiddos teachers. Most teachers can tell you their closets are full of extra bath products and coffee mugs. Here are a few unique, fun or helpful gift ideas for your favorite teacher that they will be sure to cherish!

1. Hobby Gifts. Does your child’s teacher have a hobby? A Gift Card related or Gift Basket filled with items to support this are a great idea. If your kiddos teacher is into knitting a basket of yarn, knitting needs and a knitting book will be appreciated! Another great idea is a subject specific gift. Art supplies for an art teacher. A history book for a History teacher, etc.

2. Personalize it. Anything personalized makes a gift extra special. Personalize a key-chain, stationary, tote bag or even address labels for your kiddos favorite teacher!

3. Lend a helping hand. Give your kiddos teachers the gift of your time this year. This is the least expensive, yet could be the most thoughtful and useful gift that you can give a teacher. Life in a classroom, especially preschool or elementary can get hectic. Volunteer to help out in some way that makes their life easier. Offer to bring in and lead a craft, be a guest reader, or help with clean up after a messy lesson. A little help can help to make a teacher’s life much easier.

Most parents are very helpful with this around back to school time but your kiddos classroom supplies can be almost depleted by this time of year and many teachers must use their own money to stock their classrooms. A gift of supplies like colored paper, stickers, sticky notes, pens, crayons, pencils, markers, Kleenex, and even a few new books are a great idea. Instead of using traditional wrapping paper place your gift of supplies into a sturdy tote bag the teacher can use year round.

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