Summer School

Tips & tricks to keep your kiddos brains working over break.

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1. Find a Summer Science Project

It may sound like school, but a fun summer science project can be just what your kiddo needs to stay sharp!  A summer scienceexperiment could be anything from starting and tending to a garden, letting them loose in the woods with bags, a magnifying glass and a notepad or stargazing in the backyard.   What could be better than teaching your kiddos about the gardening process, exploring together or learning about constellations and planets!

2. Enroll in a Reading Program

Most libraries run summer reading programs for kids that are really fun. They allow your child to set their own goal and pick his own books. Your kiddo will be reading, but it’s at their own pace and about their particular interests.   The library also encourages you to get your child their OWN library card.  Little kids LOVE this fun perk too!

3. Get your kiddos cookin and their brains a workin!

Have your kiddos help out with dinner.  Older kids can help create the dinner menus and actually do a little math while figuring out (from a recipe) how much of each ingredient you need.  Young kiddos will love measuring and stirring.  Talk to them about the food you are serving, where they comes from, how they are made/grown and what is happening to them as your cooking!

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