Say Thanks to Dad!


Give daddy a break for Father’s Day-and enjoy it too!

1.  Help your honey.  Offer to help your husband with his Honey-do list.  Grab your gardening gloves and pull weeds while he mows or assist him in painting your bedroom.  Help him get some things of his to-do list and have a little fun and quality time together while you’re at it.

2.  Focus on the things HE loves!  Spend Father’s Day doing the things he loves.  Watch (or go!) to his favorite sporting event.  Get the whole family involved and go for a bike ride.  Listen to his favorite band all day!  Whatever the dad in your life’s hobbies are join in for the day!

3.  Have your kiddos do dad’s chores!  For the day or a week, having the kids take his weekly household duties off his plate is a fantastic gift!   He’ll reap the benefits of a clean car or folded laundry and a little extra free time!

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