Camper Care Packages

Receiving an old-fashion care package through the mail is a great way to make your camper feel extra special!  Here are a few easy and fun ideas to create a creative care package to send to your kiddo at sleep-away camp.

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1. Camp Gear.  Hit the dollar store items and stock up on goodies to send your kiddo at camp. A fresh set of toiletries, bug spray and more sunscreen might be just what your kiddo was in need of!

2.  Memory Makers.  Send a disposable camera, note-cards to write home with and a journal and pen to jot down camp memories with!

3.  A little old-fashion fun! A Magic 8 Ball, friendship bracelet kit or a bag of gourmet popcorn are super to make your camper a hit with their bunk mates and create lasting memories of fun!

Note:  Some camps prohibit the sending of food and candy.   It is best to check with your child’s camp before mailing a package.

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