Managing the back to school balancing act

Mommy Magic’s Back to School Survival Guide

  • Because my days involve a lot of sport driving, I like to keep an emergency kit in my car to prepare for life what ifs. Even with a lot of communication life happens so we like to be prepared.  Create an “emergency kit,”  essential for tweens.  It includes deodorant, an extra pair of running shorts, stain remover, tampons, pens, bag of almonds, sunscreen, extra phone charger and Tylenol/Advil. 
  • DIY back to school organization- Create a back to school homework station (extra ink for printer, markers, color pencils, scissors!  Be ready for any project!  Save yourself a last minute trip to CVS!  Stock up on supplies while they are on sale and save for a last minute project!

Communication is Everything!

  • Make sure you and your spouse/significant other are on the same page regarding time management and cost associated with any extracurricular activities. Remember you are the parents and you set the course and expectation for the family!
  • Schedule a one-on-one meeting with each of your kiddos. It can be as informal as being in the car and driving somewhere with them and talking over their goals or sitting down at your kitchen table and discussing goals with them. Talk open and honestly with each of your children individually about what motivates them and what are realistic goals are for them both academically and regarding extracurricular activities!
  • Have a family meeting! Go over goals that were set and communicate with everyone you’re expectations as parents. Stress things like: respect, support, and encourage one another!

Create A Family Plan 

  • Going back to school can be a chaotic and stressful time. Creating a family plan and having a master calendar keeps everyone informed! Kids of all ages can be a part of this process! 

Ask for Help!

  • Typically, as moms, we are really bad at asking for help! Asking for help not only helps you, but provides another source of role models to your children. 
  • Recruiting grandparents and those you respect and love is not only a great way to relieve stress on the family, but an important outlet for your kiddos to have with these special people as well!

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