GLOW BACK TO SCHOOL: A Back-to-School Backyard Bash

School is back in session and hosting a back to school bash is always a great way for your kids to get to know their new classmates!

Keep it simple and fun by having a GLOW back to school backyard party! Here are some easy how to’s!

1. Glow in the Dark Backyard Badminton & Kickball Party! Keeping it interactive is key… Have something for them to do that’s fun! Keeping it outside keeps them moving and the mess manageable! Set up a badminton net in your backyard and use your Christmas lights to illuminate it so they can play in the dark! Use glow in the dark birdies and Glow in the dark body paint to put on faces, legs and arms. Most glow in the dark body paint is non-toxic and doesn’t stain! Glow in the dark necklaces are also a great option!

Glow in the dark kickball snake for a fun game too! Most can be found on Amazon or at superstores. Painting the bases with glow in the dark paint is s great way to light up the backyard too!

2. Glow For It: Neon Candy Bar– Easy and fun treats to set up are a must for a Glow Back to school Backyard Bash! Use jars and glass containers and fill with bright and neon candy!

3. Neon Baking Day for Littles– If your younger kids need a special day after their older siblings start school set aside some time to have a Neon Baking Day with them! It’s a great activity that can be educational too! Kids love measuring and pouring ingredients and it’s a wonderful way to make them feel special! Using neon icing, neon cupcake wrappers and decorations are all easy ways to incorporate fun into baking for them!

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