Happy New Year – Intentional & Thoughtful



Happy New Year! It’s 5 degrees today so we decided to use our backyard (normally a small lake) and transform it into an ice rink. Clearing the snow for it today made me think about what a miracle transforming something can be.  The New Year makes me think of things like this. What is normally a lake in our backyard becomes a playground for ice skating and ice hockey this time of year. The same water just in different form. Amazing. Opportunity. Same, but different. Kind of like when January comes around with the opportunity for a fresh start. We are the same people, but can transform ourselves in the New Year. A chance to reinvent oneself, an opportunity to grow and become wiser and stronger.

This year my husband and I set our goal with a theme instead of a list of “to do’s.” Our theme is to be “Intentional & Thoughtful.” Intentional with our time, our work, our friendships, with one another and with our family. We will try to grow from the things that disappoint, embrace life’s ordinary moments each day and celebrate the extraordinary times we are blessed with during the year. It’s a wonderful life and know matter how challenging some days or months seem, we are blessed and I’m always grateful for the opportunity to transform myself into a stronger and wiser self each year! Cheers for a 2018 filled with much joy, laughter and good health!
Happy New Year from my family to yours!!

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