DIY Vision Boards!

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Visualize what you want out of 2018 with this easy craft.  It is great to do as a family project.   All you need is your family, old magazines, bulletin board (Amazon has some great deals) and tape/glue.

Here’s how you make your own vision boards…..

1. Put away all phones and other electronics. This is for family bonding. Sit your family down at the kitchen table together to brainstorm.

2. Pass around pencils and paper or even use a white board (for some reason my family likes writing with markers better). Have everyone write down goals for 2018. They could be to raise your spanish grade or improve in golf.

3. Goals can then be written down in different categories like improving health, school, family activities and spreading kindness. Try to write down achievable goals.

4. Next start flipping through magazines, use stickers, browse images on the internet & print them out and you can even use words and phrases from magazines.

5. Build your board. You can do individual boards a family board or both.

6. Share your board. Post in a place you can see your board once a day. You can put individual boards in your bedroom or a family board in the kitchen/ laundry room.

7. Make a game of it to encourage your family to stay on their goals. It’s okay to remind someone to study or to go practice their sport.

8. Have fun!!!

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