Pinterest Inspired Birthday Party!

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My oldest daughter’s birthday is right after Christmas. Every year I tried to separate the holiday season from her actual birthday to make it special and feel like her own separate time to celebrate. To be honest, some years I struggled to be inspired to plan a birthday party actually during the week of Christmas. Wrapping Christmas presents and filling out birthday invitations sometimes seemed overwhelming. When she was a baby we always hosted a gathering of family and friends in our home. As she became grade school age we farmed it out to places like trampoline parks, pottery painting places and even ice skating rinks. Now that my oldest has turned 18 we’ve come full circle and recently hosted a gathering of her friends at our home to celebrate. While wrapping Christmas gifts this year we turned to Pinterest for inspiration for the party! I couldn’t help wonder where Pinterest was all those earlier years when I was scratching my head to come up with something clever and special. Nonetheless, in a few minutes we had the entire thing planned. All the special details inspired by a few moments on Pinterest. My daughter chose a Pancakes & Pajama Party at our home surrounded by her closest friends. We made chocolate chip pancakes, confetti pancakes, blueberries pancakes, and buttermilk pancakes. Each kind stacked high on a cake plate and ready to dig in! The cake and cookies also inspired by Pinterest rounded out the party for fun. It was the perfect way to celebrate a post Christmas birthday and the most convenient way to plan it!!

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