Happy New Year!

abstract art blur bokeh
Photo by freestocks.org on Pexels.com
I love the New Year! It’s full of hope and opportunity. I makes me feel like anything is possible. This year in particular is full of newness in our house. Our oldest daughter is headed back to college after a 3 week break for the holidays. I loved having her home. We all did. It got me thinking about what the definition of home means to me as a mom. Home… the place where you belong. 
I once heard that fitting in somewhere is when you change yourself to assimilate to that particular place. Belonging…that is different than fitting in…belonging is being yourself at all times while at that particular place. Belonging…being yourself without changing a single thing. That is what I want home to be for our children. The feeling of being yourself… showing up as you are at this very moment.
My hope is in this New Year we all have that feeling of belonging. Equally as important, that we make those we love feel appreciated, loved and as though they too, belong. Happy New Year!

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