Hey Girl…

Have you ever met someone that just got you? It has happened a handful of times in my life. I have been lucky and blessed to have most of these amazing friends in my life for a long time. Some from high school, college, work and volunteering. They all have a similarities to one another. They are honest, loyal and kind people… and they all have that “spark.” These wonderful people I am lucky to call my friends have stuck with me through the thick and thin and ups and downs of life and they all have one thing in common. They are comfortable being themselves. No BS. They are honest, loyal, truthful and vulnerable. What you see it what you get. Looking back is what hard let go of some friends who just couldn’t be honest …confusing and perplexing even. I have learned, however, God cleans house to make room for new opportunities and new people. Thank goodness He does. Just when I thought I had it all figured out regrading friendships, I met Amanda. A young fierce single mom who lit up a room with her positive energy and booming laugh. I was in awe of how fearless she was…she was widowed at the age of 30. Just when her peers were figuring their lives out, she was starting hers over with her infant daughter. I was humbled to know her and saw she had unlimited potential. We became fast friends sharing stories, swapping recipes, parenting tips and laughing a lot at ourselves. There was that “spark” between us usually ignited by laughter. So after about a 30 second discussion, we decided to say yes to an opportunity. The Hey Girl Podcast was born. If you listen to it (and we hope you do) it is the honest and raw version of who we both are. Two crazy moms who were given a microphone to talk about life and the real stuff it is made of including the moments you say…Heeeey Girl… https://www.buzzsprout.com/249995/932905-hey-girl-fanny-packs-crockpots-and-why-we-re-saying-heyyyyyy-girllllllll

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