Purging can be emotional and hard. Getting started is typically the hardest part of tackling sorting and organizing sentimental items throughout your home. Mommy Magic has three easy steps to get you started!

A Plan– Most people never start the process because it’s too overwhelming. Discuss a timeframe and plan to tackle the project. DO it over several weeks/weekends. DO set a goal date to complete it.

Emotions– It’s ok to get emotional when sorting, purging and organizing through keepsakes. Take the time to go through things carefully and set aside items you are unsure of getting rid of in a “Don’t Know” container. Set these things aside and when your less emotional revisit them.

Need or Want– Much like asking yourself does it bring me joy, ask yourself do “You Need It or Do You Want It” If you need it, find a home for it. If you want it and have multiple of it, let it go and make the decision to declutter it.

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