Looking for a Great Summer Read? Hosting a Book Swap is the perfect way to kick-off summer with friends!

How To Host A Summer Book Swap Party featured on WXIN FOX 59 Indianapolis.

How To Host A Book Swap:

Make it a Party: Invite your friends! There is no right or wrong number. It’s always fun to invite a few people and have them bring a friend with them.
Bring A Book You Love: Choose a Book you enjoyed and are willing to part with at the party.
Wrapping Station & Special Note:Set out pre-cut wrapping paper, scissors and tape when people arrive they can wrap their book. Also, have not Cards and pens set out and have each guest write why they chose the book and why they enjoyed reading it. Tape the notecard to the wrapped book.
Display:Display the wrapped books on a table and allow the guests to read the handwritten notes placed on the front of each of them. DO NOT INCLUDE the BOOK TITLE on the notecards! 
Now Introducing:Gather your guests have Gabe them sit in a large circle. Have everyone introduce themselves and share why they love books and JUST the title of the book they brought (nothing about the book or note written).
Ready, Set SWAP:Everyone choose a Book. You can swap your book ONE TIME!Everyone take turns unwrapping their book. Share why you chose the book and who brought the book to the party!
Food, Drinks & Trivia: Optional, book trivia is a fun addition to the party over appetizers and drinks!

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