MOMMY MAGIC: COVID-19 Back-To-School Supplies and Getting Your Kids Ready for the Classroom

  1. Washable Masks & Book Covers– these are affordable and can be found at most superstores and on amazon. They are easy to cover the kids textbooks and can be removed to be washed regularly.
  2. Water bottles– many water fountains in school buildings will be limited or not open for use due to COVID restrictions. Be prepared for your kid to need lots of water throughout the school day and many schools are requesting clear water bottles to be used.
  3. Cases for school supplies– pencil pouches are a great way for your kids to keep their writing utensils clean, sterile and organized. Consider purchasing washable containers for pencils.
  4. Wipeable Lunch bags- many schools going back are requiring to be brought from home. Wipesble lunch bags are easy to sanitize and clean. Look for them most superstores or on amazon.
  5. Wipes and hand sanitizer– if possible, stock up now on travel size hand sanitizer and wipes that can conveniently fit in your child’s book bag, lunch container, and desk.

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