Survival Guide for College Drop Off!

Having your kiddo head off to college can be stressful and emotional for the entire family! Here are some tips to make the transition easier for everyone!

  1. Have a Plan & Be Prepared- most colleges and universities have apps that give updated information about move in day, traffic patterns and what to expect when you arrive on campus. Make sure you download the app and check it for updates! 
  2. “Must Haves” For A New College Student- Dorm life is a change for your kiddo! Make sure you have these items checked off your list to help your college student be ready for their new dorm life!
  3. “Tips for The Goodbye”- Most definitely the hardest moment for us parents. Leaving your kiddo and saying goodbye. Here are so ways to keep it positive and memorable! Pre-write a letter to leave behind on their dorm bed. Keep it upbeat and affirming! Take a family pic/ and or pic of the family pet to place on their bulletin board or dorm desk. No lingering. Decide a time and do a quick hug and GO! This is hardest on the parents, but easiest on your college kiddo!

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