Life’s Little GuideBook: Tips for Leading A Meaningful Life

img_5620-1Have you ever wished that you had a guidebook to hand your teenagers on “life lessons?” A roadmap of sorts to help them discern and navigate this crazy world? Life’s Little GuideBook: Tips for Leading a Meaningful Life is just that book. It is compiled of short and sweet tips, advice and quotes to help you lead your teens and young adults through tough conversations about growing up. With a faith based perspective, Life’s Little GuideBook is meant to inspire the reader to make good decisions in order to help grow as a person of integrity.

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The Journey – A Novel By Mary Susan Buhner


What if you find that your family is not what it seems? What if a tightly held family secret gave you the power to change your life? Savannah Worthington, a Southern girl of privilege, has her fairytale childhood shattered by the unexpected death of her beloved father and subsequent exile to boarding school. Upon her return she finds her mother has planned her remaining life, including an impending marriage to the son of another prominent Southern family. Savannah consoles herself by reading her father’s journals only to discover a family secret that has shaped her entire life. She decides in order to embrace her past she must define her own future. Savannah leaves her family estate on her own terms to find a simpler life and while doing so discovers the meaning of home and true love. The Journey is a novel about the path to happiness ad fulfillment and discovering that it is not what you are running from or running to that matters. Rather, the journey along the way.

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Mommy Magic: Tricks for Staying Sane in the Midst of Insanity


There is no cookie-cutter mold for how motherhood should be on a day in and day out basis. Moms today understand that to pursue growth in ourselves outside motherhood, we are have to shake off guilt and celebrate the imperfections in our daily lives. This empowers us to redefine ourselves, to use our gifts and talents to create a purposeful vision for our lives outside motherhood.

No guilt allowed. Mommy Magic gives moms an encouraging pat on the back, a good laugh, and affirmation that being real is important. Mommy Magic is a humorous and inspirational guide for mothers to share, talk and laugh over the fact that nobody is perfect all the time.

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